McDonalds “Sweet Tea” – well, it’s S W E E T, all right!

I like iced tea.  I drink it often, and admittedly, I usually take it unsweetened.  But occasionally I do enjoy a nicely prepared sweet tea.  It’s a cold and refreshing treat that also adds a little burst of energy.

When I was driving by our local McDonalds a few days ago, I noticed they were now offering “Sweet Tea”, and it was only $1 for a large glass.  I was in the mood for something sweet to drink, so I decided to give it a try.  After all, their fresh-brewed iced tea was usually okay at this particular location, so they should be able to produce a reasonably decent sweet tea, right?

Swinging through the drive-thru, I picked up my plastic glass, condensation beading on it in suggestion of the icy chill contained within.  Pulling forward out of the lane, I quickly unwrapped the straw and poked it through the lid, immediately seeking a long pull.  Ahhh.  My mouth was awash with…

Gaaaah!!!!! The liquid was the lovely amber I expected, but nowhere was there the slightly astringent sensation or the rich earthiness of tea  to be found in that hideously sweet mouthful.  It tasted as if someone had barely kissed the water with something to color it, then mixed in simple syrup – maybe half a cup of it, based on the overwhelming sugary sensation on my tongue.

I won’t make THAT mistake again!

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