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More than 1 month later, Sirius-XM’s STILL lying…

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

It’s now been 1 month since Sirius-XM raised prices on some of their services and “silently” degraded their XM Radio Online (XMRO) service from 64kbps down to 32kbps for existing customers without prior notification (i.e., with the new price changes).

Former customers such as myself had assumed that we would be “grandfathered” onto the new Premium 128kbps XMRO service since they said absolutely nothing about forcing us down to 32kbps when they were poking us to “Extend your Subscription now and Save” in order to keep our so-called “free” access to XMRO.  Very classic Bait and Switch.

Anyway, after battling with the pricks at Sirius-XM for more than a month, some people have had limited success getting access to the 128kbps stream they deserved, but only after directly sending e-mail to both the CEO, Mel Karmazin, and the Senior Vice President of IT and ListenerCare, Joe Zarella.


The Sirius-XM Radio Fires are Starting to Light Up Web-Wide…

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Well, the situation continues to fester at Sirius-XM.  It’s really starting to pick-up some attention now, too.  I’m starting to find blogs linking to other blogs about people dealing with the same XMRO fire that Sirius-XM started on March 11th.


Lifetime subscribers are apparently taking it in the you-know-where, too, because even THEY aren’t entitled anything but 32k access, according to XM’s ListenerCare. 


In this quick post, I’ll provide some of those links to help share the love.  I’m hopeful now more than ever that someone will set-up a Class-Action Lawsuit against Sirius-XM for screwing their customers.  I would very happily be a part of that effort.  If you’re interested in working to that goal, I can be reached at eric • at •


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