The Petty Pricks at ComCast…

We found YET ANOTHER reason we can’t wait to jump to FIOS when given the  first opportunity.  We recently canceled Showtime since it’s hardly been worth the $17.99 we’ve been paying per month.  We originally added Showtime so we could watch new Penn & Teller BullShit episodes when they came out.  We haven’t seen any new episodes for quite a while, so we decided to stop paying for something we don’t use.

We got our ComCast bill today.  While we were happy to see that Showtime was canceled, we weren’t so happy to see this little disappointing nugget of crap:


So, just because we canceled Showtime, the pricks at Comcast are going to ding us a petty $2 for changing the service.  Give me a break!  While $2 won’t break the bank, especially when it comes to Comcast’s ridiculously overpriced service(s), it’s just the thought of them spitting in our direction that aggravates us.  That, and the fact that the Customer Rep that I spoke with never bothered to mention the change fee when I canceled the service.  Yet another company that needs a swift kick in the ass along with a stern reminder that they need our business a hell of a lot more than we need theirs.

The other thing on this bill that has continuously annoyed us is that Comcast charges us $15.95 for one of their shitty 160GB HD DVR’s and $21.05 for the other one.  They cryptically call it an “Additional Outlet”, as if to say they had to do something special to make it work at our home, when it fact it’ll plug in anywhere just the same a regular TV would.  $21.05 for DVR box rental?  RIP OFF!  Especially for these crappy boxes that hang constantly, have the world’s shittiest program guide and a puny 160GB hard drive which is completely unsuitable for recording High-Definition content since it fills up in just a few days.

Fuck you, Comcast.  If you EVER call me on the phone, you will be assessed a $12.95 phone call service fee for wasting my time.  Or perhaps we should start charging you a recurring $1.99 recycle fee to dispose of all the unsolicited garbage you send us in the US mail…

Petty, petty, petty.  Can’t wait for FIOS.

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